4 Natural Remedies For Heart Burn

There are MUCH better ways to deal with acid reflux, heartburn and upper digestive tract issues other than taking acid reflux drugs. Not-So-Fun Fact: those who take antacids have up to 2X more kidney failure than those who don’t! Some people have been on these meds for 5, 10, 15 years! Your body is screaming at you to stop eating certain foods that are bothering you and yet you pop a pill eat whatever you want. What are some better solutions?:


Our greens powder can be put in water, or smoothies and is packed full of vegetables. You get high doses of vegetables in a small amount of powder mix. It really helps alkalize the digestive system which will really undo a lot of burdens of too much acidity.

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Consuming a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal can help break down and digest your food. Often times it’s not that you have too much acid, but that you don’t have enough – so, try getting more acid in your diet. If you are acid deficient and your body’s going into hyperdrive to produce more acid – we have an HDL protocol that addresses how to combat that and fix the underlying cause.


A solution to correcting the problem longer-term, instead of short-term solutions (like popping Tums) would be to get to the cause of WHY your digestive system is not working normally in the first place. I recommend going on a 21-day challenge to fast from sugar or potentially a gut reset solution to help address the underlying cause.


Check the nerves going to the digestive system! The nerve that comes out of the neck (the vagus nerve) helps control the acid in the stomach. If you have damage there, the stomach can’t work. When’s the last time you had that checked? You’ve got to look at that connection and how the nervous system is functioning. Fix that connection, and more often than not, the acid reflux problems are resolved.