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If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, simple changes to your diet can help significantly improve how you feel, and lower your anxiety and depression levels.

Millions of Americans struggle with symptoms of depression, guilt, hopelessness, distress, helplessness, feelings of worthlessness, etc.

If you have any feelings of the above, I want you to know you’re not alone, and there are things you can do about it right now.

Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety

If you’re struggling from any of the following symptoms, you could be suffering from depression or anxiety:

  • Restlessness
  • Panic attacks
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Increase or decrease of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain from stress

Medications That Can Cause Anxiety & Depression

There are several medications that make both of these conditions worse. Medications that can cause depression are:

  • Birth control – Many women are on birth control and there is a correlation between birth control, their cycle, and depression.
  • High blood pressure/Cholesterol drugs – Can create cognitive impairment which leads to depression.
  • Antidepressant medications
  • Any medication with caffeine
  • Corticosteroids
  • ADHD Drugs
  • Asthma Medications
  • Thyroid Medications
  • Seizure Drugs
  • Drugs for Parkinson’s

This is why drugs are so dangerous and why I want to help as many people as possible address their lifestyle and nutrition so they don’t need medications.

If you’re taking any of the above medications, talk to your doctor about getting off of them or finding a better substitute.

Take a Walk!

A study at Duke Medical Center shows that walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes three times a week, can be just as effective at relieving your depression symptoms as antidepressants.

So moving your body is extremely important. If you need help getting started on a lifestyle, check out my free book. It’ll help you to take that next step and really start experiencing real health.

Top 5 foods for anxiety and depression 

  • Organic Walnuts

A quarter of a cup of walnuts has been known to reduce depression scores by 26%.

Organic walnuts are easily accessible and you can incorporate them into your diet. You could blend them up, and put them into a smoothie, put them in a salad, or eat them as a snack.

  • Organic blueberries

When you eat blueberries, it has been shown that it increases SKA2  (more on that below) levels and boosts serotonin.

Try to eat a half cup to one cup per day.

Blueberries not only increase your serotonin, which is your happy hormone, but they also increase the expression of the SKA 2 gene. This gene is expressed at abnormally low levels in people who have committed suicide. Eating blueberries daily can have a positive effect in the expression of this gene.

  • Healthy Fats

Omega-3s from fish are high in DHA and EPA. They improve anxiety and decrease the symptoms of depression.

DHA and EPA from fish omega-3 can easily travel through the brain and cross the blood-brain barrier which leads to improved feelings of depression or anxiety.

That’s why I love fish omega-3s for any kind of mental health issues. They interact with mood related molecules in the brain to enhance them.

  • Antioxidants

The lower the antioxidants you have in your body, the more anxiety and depression you will have. A 2014 study in neuropharmacology (the study of how drugs affect the nervous system) showed that the number one source of antioxidants is coffee.

Now not all coffee is made the same, Folgers isn’t going to cut it.

You want to have a superior source of coffee to enhance its antioxidant properties.

This is great news for coffee lovers! But be sure to get organic, or shade grown coffee, to get the most out of it.

Did you know that 95% of your body’s serotonin, the happy hormone, is made in the gut?

Poor nourishment of the gut will lead to reduced production in serotonin which negatively impacts your mental health.

Some of the best sources of gut-friendly food are:

  • Sauerkraut
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Fermented food
  • Kimchi
  • Keifer
  • Probiotics

A poor diet leads to poor gut health, which leads to less production of serotonin.

You need to eat foods that will help your gut build proper amounts of serotonin. You and your mental health will thank you for it.


These are some simple things that anyone can do to reduce their symptoms of anxiety and depression.

If you want more help in changing your lifestyle and making food simple, check out my free book.

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