Benefits of CoQ10 [Heart Disease]

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Why CoQ10 for your heart? Its main function is to energize the cells and give mitochondria the strength to drive the muscles of your body – especially the most important muscle…your heart!

2 Important Functions


ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) provides energy in the body to drive various processes in the cells. CoQ10 increases the ATP in your body – supplying you with more energy and allowing important functions, like muscle contraction to take place.

Street Sweeper

Various free radicals float around our system, oxidizing cholesterol, and damaging cells. CoQ10 acts as a scavenger for all these toxins and blocks oxidation as well as detoxes – acting as a street sweeper.


Who Should Take CoQ10?

There are various reasons you may be low in CoQ10. Here are some to consider:

  • If you’re low in Vitamin B-6. An easy blood test will tell you if your B-6 levels are low, and if they are – that goes hand-in-hand with the CoQ10 in your body.
  • If you have a lot of oxidative stress. Being exposed, chemically or having lots of mental stress causes inflammation in the body and CoQ10 fights it.
  • If your muscle tissue is overworked. Having a physical job that stresses your heart and taxes your muscles also depletes them of CoQ10.
  • If you’re on a statin drug. Statin drugs block cholesterol production in your body as well as coq10. That’s why more people have a heart attack when ON a cholesterol-lowering drug then off a cholesterol-lowering drug.
  • If you’re on any of these medications:
    • acid blockers
    • allergy medications
    • antacids
    • anti-arrhythmics (for your heart)
    • antibiotics
    • antidepressants
    • blood-thinners
    • blood pressure drugs
    • ACE-inhibitors
    • angiotensin receptor blockers
    • beta-blockers
    • diuretics
    • cholesterol drugs (statins)
    • diabetes medications
    • psychiatric drugs 

All of these drugs, in some way, deplete the amount of CoQ 10 you have in your system – resulting in lowered heart function.

How to Take CoQ10

So, how do you get Coq10 in and how much should you be taking if you’re going to supplement?


  • organ meat
  • fish
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • fruit – especially limes, lemons (low-sugar)


Now, you can get some Coq10 from food, but in today’s stressful world, you need to be combating that oxidative stress by supplementing. The recommended dose is 60-200mg of CoQ10 daily.

If you’re on a statin drug, it’s recommended to add in red yeast rice along with the CoQ10 which will be a great way to lower cholesterol without causing side effects.

Sum Up

Having the proper amount of CoQ10 will decrease heart disease risk, strengthen the heart, minimize cell damage and boost overall energy!

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