Best Diet For Diabetics [To Lose Weight]

What’s the best diet for diabetics who are struggling to lose weight? The 3 most powerful tools you can use to decrease sugar levels, insulin AND weight!

1. Fasting

Most of us are simply eating too much, whether it’s too often or too much per meal. Let’s stop talking about what to eat for a moment, and discuss when to eat.

Step 1 – Stop Snacking. Restrict yourself to eating 3 meals a day – NO snacks! Constant snacking is spiking insulin levels and the sugar is backing up in the system creating insulin resistance.

Step 2 – Intermittent Fast. Slide breakfast-time to noon or later and allow your body those extra hours in fat-burning mode. Intermittent fasting means only eating during a 6-hour window.

Fasting allows you to lower your insulin levels and optimize your body’s ability to deal with sugar & lose weight.


2. Sugar Fast

Once the timing is controlled (when you eat), let’s look at what you’re eating.

Americans are eating 150 lbs of sugar a year! – that’s an addiction. The only way to overcome addiction is to quit cold-turkey and remove it from your system. Kick sugar cravings and allow your body to heal itself.

3. ACV

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been shown to reduce your sugar levels & reduce your insulin levels better than Metformin (a diabetes drug!). How to take it: 2 tablespoons in the morning, and 2 tablespoons at night.

These 3 tools will get you well on your way to reversing diabetes, get you in fat-burning mode (instead of sugar burning-mode) and controlling insulin so your body can heal and ultimately lose excess weight.