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Ditch The Medicine Cabinet & Make A “Wellness” Cabinet [Infographic]

Forget the dangerous side effects of all the OTC drugs you have in your medicine cabinet and start building your "Wellness" cabinet!

What’s Candida? [Symptoms & Treatments]

Thousands of people are hospitalized and diagnosed in hospitals on a yearly basis for candida or candidiasis. Potentially millions, if not tens of millions of people that have candida overgrowth regularly occurring in their bodies, causing numerous health problems.

Clean 15 Vs. Dirty Dozen [Quick Reference Guide]

Don't have the money to buy everything organic? You don't have to! Check out which foods to buy organic, and when you DONT need to spend the extra cash.

Dealing With Constipation? (5 Natural Solutions)

If you're backed up and constipated, here are some easy things you can do to get your system moving again without taking harmful laxatives or chemicals.

4 Steps to Take After Whiplash or a Car Accident Over 5 MPH

Suffering from whiplash after a car accident? Here are some crucial steps to take to start the healing process.

Home Remedies For Eye Infections

What can you use instead of harmful antibiotics for an eye infection, sty, or pink eye? Here are a couple natural ways to deal with these infections:

Can Candida Make You Gain Weight? [Video]

Are you craving sugar and gaining weight? Maybe candida is part of the equation.

Mid Back Pain [Exercises]

Sitting is the new smoking! If you have a computer job, are constantly driving, or just sitting at home for multiple hours at a time, it's trashing your spine. Here's how to help that mid-back pain caused by it.

Menopause and Hormonal Issues (6 Natural Solutions)

Around the age of 50 (49 is the average) women experience the oftentimes unfriendly process of menopause. The reproductive system down-regulates and the hormonal changes can present challenging conditions.

Home Remedies For Pain [Video]

Find out what pain relievers are actually doing to your body (long-term) and what natural solutions can work instead.

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How to Lower Cholesterol (6 Natural Solutions)

Let's dive into natural ways you can take care of your heart without causing harm.

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