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Natural Remedies for Vertigo

4 Natural Remedies for Vertigo and Dizziness

Vertigo and dizziness can have a great effect on everyday activities such as driving and just walking, especially if the dizziness becomes severe. Let’s take a look at what could be causing vertigo or dizziness and solutions that get to the root cause.

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Restless legs

Restless Leg Syndrome: What is It?

Restless leg syndrome or RLS is a chronic condition characterized by an unavoidable and uncontrollable urge to move one’s legs. Here are 3 natural ways you can alleviate pain or symptoms associated with the condition.

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Sweet potato fries

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Total Time: 45 minutesServings: 2 Ingredients 2 sweet potatoes 3 tbsp coconut oil, melted Salt