How to Improve Digestion: Tips and Tricks

Our digestive tract is a complex system that sometimes gets clogged up or negatively affected for one reason or another. Whether it’s your diet, the daily stresses affecting your life, or something...

Depression & Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Depression and anxiety are intense mood disorders typically characterized by feelings of sadness, anxiousness, loss, anger, and worry. Both being mental health conditions, neither of these conditions is necessarily connected to the...

How To Detox and Cleanse Your Liver Naturally

Our bodies are complex and astounding biological machines., our bodies have a natural ability to  filter toxins and poisons This effective and protective process is handled by your body’s liver: a vital...
What's the best diet for diabetics

Best Diet For Diabetics [To Lose Weight]

What's the best diet for diabetics who are struggling to lose weight? The 3 most powerful tools you can use to decrease sugar levels, insulin AND weight!
Colonoscopy side effects and alternatives

Colonoscopies [Side Effects & Alternative]

Colonoscopies can be a great tool to identify issues within the body, but they are grossly overused and come with potential complications.

Heart Healthy Superfoods [+ 5 Key Supplements]

Today we're sitting down with Dr. Greg Barnes to discuss the heart-healthy superfoods and supplements that most benefit our heart and what we need to avoid.

What’s Insulin Resistance? [And What to Do About It]

What's insulin and why does your body become resistant to it? Find out why it matters and what can you do about it!

Do You Actually Have a Blood Pressure Problem? [New Guidelines]

Blood pressure issues are affecting over 100 million Americans - including our KIDS! 1 in 29 children are dealing with high blood pressure, so let's find out what it actually means to have a problem.

A Drug-Free Solution to High Blood Pressure

the little, non-toxic pill that can lower your blood pressure, increase your HDL (good cholesterol) and support overall heart health!

Stuck In A Weight Loss Rut? (5 Plateau Breakers)

How is McDonald's a weight-loss plateau breaker? Here are the top five ways to break the plateau you may be in when it comes to your weight.

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