Bone and Joint Health Guide for Optimal Health

Our bones and joints are vital – after all, they're necessary to support our shape and our movement! But far too few people pay enough attention to their bones and joints, leading...

Sinus Infections (Home Remedies)

Get all natural solutions to avoid over-the-counter drugs and combat mucus, nasal congestion and infected sinuses.

Ditch The Medicine Cabinet & Make A “Wellness” Cabinet [Infographic]

Forget the dangerous side effects of all the OTC drugs you have in your medicine cabinet and start building your "Wellness" cabinet!

Quick Elbow Pain Relief [Exercises]

Experiencing elbow pain? Hold off on the Icy Hot, and get to the root of the pain with these simple steps.

Numbness & Tingling [Home Remedies]

Simple and practical Real Health Solutions to numbness and tingling.

Arthritis & Inflammation In Joints (3 Solutions)

Do you have arthritis or lots of inflammation in your body (inflamed, stiff, arthritic joints)? There are several things that you can do.

At-Home Exercises For Shoulder Pain [Video]

Here's how to address shoulder pain by strengthening and increasing shoulder mobility.

At-Home Exercises For Anterior Shoulder Pain [Video]

Here's how to reverse the rounded shoulders you get from driving or sitting hunched over a computer!

Home Remedies For Eye Infections

What can you use instead of harmful antibiotics for an eye infection, sty, or pink eye? Here are a couple natural ways to deal with these infections:

Allergy Relief (6 Home Remedies)

Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. Here are some natural remedies to help!

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