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Taurine: Benefits and Risks

Many of us take supplements regularly to boost our workout performance, to protect ourselves from certain long-term conditions, or to make up for natural deficiencies in one compound or another. Taurine is...

Common Symptoms of Low Electrolytes

Have you ever felt excessively tired or dehydrated after an intense period of physical activity? Or maybe you have struggled to rehydrate after an illness involving increased fluid output, such as vomiting....

Heart Disease Predictor With Push-Ups?

Would you like to know your heart disease risk in less than two minutes with this simple heart disease predictor? It's all about those push-ups!
Vitamin K2 Benefits

Vitamin K2 [How It Benefits The Heart]

Check out why YOU should be adding Vitamin K-2 into your diet today ... especially if you have heart issues!
Benefits of red yeast rice

Red Yeast Rice [Benefits for Cholesterol]

Looking for a better way to lower your high cholesterol without resorting to harmful statin drugs? Check out Red Yeast Rice as a natural solution!

Heart Healthy Superfoods [+ 5 Key Supplements]

Today we're sitting down with Dr. Greg Barnes to discuss the heart-healthy superfoods and supplements that most benefit our heart and what we need to avoid.

4 Heart Disease Signs [Your Doctor Won’t Teach You]

Heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death in America! Find out what you should be looking for - beyond what your doctor tells you!

Varicose Veins & Swolen Ankles [3 Natural Solutions]

Struggling with varicose veins and swollen ankles? Check out these easy, natural solutions to combat fluid retention!

[Super Nutrient] How To Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

Let's talk about the #1 nutrient that so many of us are missing when it comes to blood pressure. It's not about salt - it's all about POTASSIUM!

How To Unclog Arteries [2 Simple Steps]

Hardening of the arteries is a very serious issue affecting many people and there are a couple of main culprits to uncover what might be leading you down the road of creating this problem.

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