Preventing Kidney Stones (3 Easy Tips)

How can you deal with painful kidney stones without blasting and breaking up the kidney stone in your body? How can you avoid taking harmful antibiotics and heavy medications that cause a lot of side effects?

Lower Back Pain Remedies [Exercises]

Experiencing lower back pain? After analyzing the spine to make sure all the nerves are communicating, here are some exercises that can help.

The Keto Diet (2 Huge Reasons NOT to Do It)

Thinking of starting the popular "Keto" diet? Here a few reasons why it might not be for you.

9 Simple Ways To Get Neuropathy Relief [Video]

Neuropathy conditions are irreversible, but you can take steps to help prevent neuropathy or manage it through the way you eat, your lifestyle, and through treatment.

High Blood Pressure Facts (+7 Natural Solutions)

Currently, in America, there are 103 million people dealing with high blood pressure & 1 in 29 children have high blood pressure or hypertension! What can you do about it?

Home Remedies For Pain [Video]

Find out what pain relievers are actually doing to your body (long-term) and what natural solutions can work instead.

Dehydration Treatment At Home

Let's talk about real health solutions for dehydration. A lot of people may be in a state of dehydration and not even know it! How can you combat dehydration and get your body back on track and properly hydrated?

8 Bone and Joint Pain Remedies

Get relief of pain from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia without the use of harmful pain relievers, shots or surgeries.

Inflammatory Back Pain Solutions [Exercises]

Back pain that just wont quit? Here are some great, natural at-home solutions for back pain caused by inflammation.

3 Quick Remedies For Stiffness

Waking up stiff in the morning? Let’s get you real health solutions that are simple and practical to do daily as soon as you wake up!

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