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Ditch The Medicine Cabinet & Make A “Wellness” Cabinet [Infographic]

Forget the dangerous side effects of all the OTC drugs you have in your medicine cabinet and start building your "Wellness" cabinet!

TMJ : Jaw Pain (3 Ways to Quick Relief)

Here are a few real health solutions for TMJ discomfort and pain. Very practical and simple steps, but can help alleviate some pain quickly.

Fermented Foods : Which To Eat (And Why They Matter)

What are fermented foods, and why should you eat them?

Itchy Skin And Rashes (4 Quick Fixes)

Conditions such as eczema, rash, itchy skin, dry skin, and dermatitis can be very frustrating. Whether you are dealing with a rash that is systemic and all over or more isolated areas such as elbows or hands, I want to offer some helpful suggestions.

Can Candida Make You Gain Weight? [Video]

Are you craving sugar and gaining weight? Maybe candida is part of the equation.

5 Best Natural Cough Suppressants

Here are some healthy options to help with that nagging cough!

Home Remedies For Cold & Flu

A stressed out, run down, under nourished immune system is a sure-fire way to leave your immune system at risk.

8 Bone and Joint Pain Remedies

Get relief of pain from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia without the use of harmful pain relievers, shots or surgeries.

3 Natural Solutions For Dry Skin [Video]

Reach for these natural solutions for dry skin before using harmful steroid creams.

4 Natural Remedies For A Cough [Video]

Try these natural remedies for your cough instead of toxic cough medicines and suppressants.

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