Dehydration Treatment At Home

Let’s talk about real health solutions for dehydration. A lot of people may be in a state of dehydration and not even know it! How can you combat dehydration and get your body back on track and properly hydrated?


How much water should you drink? You need to be drinking 1/2 of your body weight (in ounces) of water on a daily basis. Make sure it’s fresh, quality water that’s filtered. There are a variety of options of water filtration available. There’s varieties of affordable pitcher or faucet filters, as well as more involved whole house filtration systems. You also need to make sure you’re getting proper electrolytes in as well. You can do this easily by adding high quality Himalayan sea salt to your food and even a little to your water.


How much are you absorbing? The water that you’re drinking needs to get INTO your cells. How do you avoid having all the water you’re drinking just run-off (like water run-off on your lawn when it rains a lot and doesn’t soak in)? The best thing you can do is to add greens powder to your water, or in a smoothie. It can help you get the water into your cells where it’s most effective. It simply gives your body the raw materials it needs to perform at its highest level.