Ear Infections (Natural Remedies)

Instead of jumping directly to antibiotics (which wipe out all the good bacteria and increases the chances of future infections) and heavy medications (that cause a lot of harmful side effects), what can you do for ear infections?

Chiropractic Adjustments

The top bone in the neck is attached to the muscle that drains the ear. If there is displacement in that location, it will cause draining issues in the ear. If you realign the top bone, the ear starts to drain and healing happens. Make sure to check that top neurology at a local chiropractor that is trained to analyze it and get that area adjusted multiple times to help clear it up.

Garlic Oil

Natural garlic oil is very antimicrobial and beneficial for ear infections. Garlic oil drops can be purchased at a health food store and all you do is massage a couple drops into the affected ear and let it go to work.

Probiotics & Vitamin D

Probiotics are going to help offset the bad bacteria in the body (if it is bacteria-related). How much do you take? Aim to take up to 40 billion CFUs per day. If it is viral-related, your body just needs help healing and you can help it out with vitamin D to boost your immune system to help it function optimally.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver helps if it is a bacterial infection and can be taken orally or drops can be put directly into the ear. If taken orally, the dosage would be dependent on a child’s weight, but an adult dose would be 1 teaspoon in the morning or afternoon. Colloidal silver is a great way to give the body some raw materials so that it can do the healing itself.