How Bad Is McDonald’s For You?

This happy meal was purchased back in 2014 – and basically looks exactly the same today!

Why Does It Look The Same?

Tons of salts and preservatives – If it can’t disintegrate in open air while sitting out – that means it can’t be broken down in your body. The time that the residue from this stuff is in your body is over 100 days! Did you know that coroners who perform autopsies now say that the human body takes 3-4 four more days to break down than they used to?

What About The Nutrition Facts?

Of course, McDonald’s will have nutrition facts listed to try and make it sound better than it actually is. You’re smarter than that. It’s really simple: read the ingredient list, and if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! For example, chicken McNuggets have 38 ingredients listed (one is chicken, and the rest is a questionable mashup of corn, bad oils, and preservatives). This is FAKE food. Apple=1 ingredient, McNuggets=38 ingredients. You get it. Educate yourself about ingredients to stay clear of sugar, bad oils, and genetically modified corn products. Just EAT REAL FOOD and your body will thank you.