Avoid Blood Clots, Strokes & Heart Attacks (3 Key Steps)

Let’s start with knowing your numbers! Here are some key things that are driving your risk of blood pressure and cholesterol issues and leading to stroke, blood clot problems or even heart attacks.

  • BMI – If you’re overweight with a BMI above 25, it is one of the #1 things that’s creating at least 1/2 of the heart attacks that our world is seeing right now. 35% of Americans are now obese.
  • Blood Pressure – Get your real blood pressure numbers. Find out what it means to actually have a blood pressure problem.
  • Cholesterol – Know your real cholesterol numbers that your doctors are not telling you and the pharmaceutical & statin companies don’t want you to know. Learn the truth about high cholesterol
  • Heart Rate – Heart rate variability (the rhythm of your heart) is another factor. You need to pump the brakes and control the stress levels to calm you down and keep your heart healthy.

Decrease Inflammation

98% of all disease, especially heart disease, is caused by inflammation. When things are inflamed in the system it wreaks havoc on your gut, your immune system and especially your heart. Inflammation breaks down and damages your blood vessels. When damage is detected, your body has to send something to heal it. That “something” is actually cholesterol!

The truth about cholesterol: So long ago, we open someone up and saw a bunch of cholesterol inside of them and thought the disease must be caused by cholesterol. This is not the case, because your body is producing cholesterol – so it’s not going to produce a toxic substance for you to try and heal you. The key lies in stopping whatever is causing the damage in the first place.

3 Ways To Put The Fire Out

  1. Cut the Sugar – Sugar is the #1 culprit causing damage inside of your blood vessels levels. It’s creating insulin resistance and destroying blood vessels, causing plaquing. 25% of kids that are 6-years-old now have plaquing in their arteries. 50% of kids that are 15 to 19-years-old also already have plaquing! Learn all the sneaky names for sugar out there (usually ending in “ose”.. i.e. fructose) – and avoid them!
  2. Crank up Good Fat – Omega 3’s need to go up, Omega 6’s need to go down. Eat real fat like nuts, healthy oils, fatty fishes & avocados. Your brain is made up of 60% fat, so the body loves good healthy fats!
  3. Clean up Toxins – Get tons of greens in your body because they have tons of glutathione, which are the street-sweepers that clean up the free radicals and toxins in your body. Only eat clean, organic meats to combat the everyday toxins that are entering your system from toxic food.