How to Get More Nutrients [Food Tips]

We all know we’re not eating enough green food, and if WE aren’t, then our kids aren’t either! Here are some simple hacks to sneak in those nutrients your body needs every day.


Breakfast smoothie – put a handful of spinach in your morning smoothie. When’s the last time you had a bowl full of spinach for breakfast? If you make your smoothie right, your kids may love it too, and they won’t even know they’re eating spinach!


Salads – stay away from romaine lettuce, it has very little nutrients involved. Make sure you opt for a healthy bed of spinach instead.

Sides – If you’re going to get a side of something bad for you, always pair it with something good for you. So, if you go with some french fries, get yourself a side of greens and eat that first. Broccoli, green beans, brussels sprouts are great options.

Give your body the raw materials to work with. Of course, the healthiest option is to skip the fries and just eat a healthy side. Baby steps!


Hummus, that’s natural with good oil, is great for snacking. Use veggies for dipping, NOT chips! You’d be amazed how good dipping broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini or carrots can be and still get that nice crunch.

Be prepared and have cut up veggies in your fridge, so when hunger strikes, you have great, healthy options ready for you.


Green juicing is a simple way to get your nutrients in on-the-go. Make sure to watch sugar content on pre-made juices because a lot of them have an overload of sugar.

Using a greens powder along with a greens juice may help it taste a bit better, and get extra nutrients in. Look for powders sweetened with Stevia, monk fruit or sugar alcohol and stay away from sugar replacements like maltodextrin, aspartame or any form of sugar syrup.


Those are some helpful hacks that can be implemented on a daily basis to consistently feed your body what it needs to thrive and build real health.