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TMJ : Jaw Pain (3 Ways to Quick Relief)


Here are a few real health solutions for TMJ discomfort and pain. Very practical and simple steps, but can help alleviate some of that jaw pain quickly.

1. Chiropractic Adjustments
A qualified chiropractor that can work on the upper cervical area or the jaw area would align the spine and remove any pressure that could be causing the pain in the first place.  I would always start there.

2. Bite Down Exercise
Take a toothbrush or a pen and, on the side of the pain, bite down and hold the pressure for approximately 10 seconds to strengthen the jaw.

3. Omegas
A high-quality whole food omega supplement of up to 2400 milligrams can be equivalent to an NSAID.  The omega will help reduce any inflammation in the affected area. 

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