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How To Lower Your Insulin Levels [The 3 F’s]

It’s the #1 hormone impacting your weight, your metabolism, your cancer risk, and your heart disease risk…insulin! It’s the “bully” on the playground, so-to-speak.



Insulin levels in the body are going to be determined by the food you eat. Every time you put SUGAR inside of your body, it will increase insulin. High-sugar diets call upon insulin over and over and eventually, the system will become insulin resistant. That excess sugar that’s in the system causes damage and increases inflammation!

Insulin turns carbohydrates into energy and your body will burn it up (if it can). If it can’t, they’ll get stored as fat. We can we do to combat this?

There are 3 “F’s” to fight off high insulin and help you control it:

1. Fat

Protein and carbohydrates have some sort of impact on insulin, but FAT is the only food that doesn’t! If you don’t want to raise insulin, don’t want to raise inflammation levels and don’t want to gain weight – then you have to start burning fat for your fuel.

Lack of healthy fat in your diet means your body will burn protein and carbohydrates for its fuel, and you’ll increase insulin amounts. You must still have a balanced diet with carbs and protein, but most of us need to ADD in healthy fat.

Healthy Fats

  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Flaxseed
  • Olive/Coconut Oil

2. Fasting

Simply not eating is one simple thing you can do to supercharge your metabolism, increase weight loss and turn your body into a disease-fighting system! Fasting is when you go periods of time without eating (no, not ALL the time), so your body can put all of its energy towards healing – which means insulin is not being called upon (no bully!)

There’s a lack of inflammatory foods in your body, so the excess energy is put into things like repairing the kidneys, rebuilding your heart muscle or optimizing your brain function.

3. Fermented Food

Fermented foods have acetic acid that helps to lower your blood sugar levels, which in turn, lowers the insulin response inside of your body.

Taking apple cider vinegar is great choice as studies have shown that taking 2 tbs. in the morning and 2 tbs. at night is as effective as metformin at reducing blood sugar levels! This simple addition can help in lowering and controlling insulin and blood sugar in your body.


Insulin is the “bully” on the playground and is the root cause of a lot of diseases (especially heart disease and cancer). Control insulin with every decision you make when it comes to food – adding more fats, more fermented food and trying fasting are three powerful ways to lower your insulin levels.

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