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How To Make Healthy Coffee and My Proffee Recipe

How to make healthy coffee

Do you ever wonder whether or not the coffee you drink every morning is good for you? Now you don’t have to! The best part about my healthy coffee is that it’s loaded with healthy nutrients, you can drink while fasting, and it still tastes delicious!

I’ll also go over my proffee recipe, which is great for an afternoon snack, or a pre-workout boost. 

Organic Coffee

I get a local brand for my coffee, but just make sure you get organic, unprocessed coffee to get all of the antioxidants it provides.

Another thing to look for is shade-grown coffee, which means chemicals aren’t used when it’s grown. 

Coffee enhances weight loss, increases focus, and detoxes the liver, so it’s very good for us, as long as we get the right kind.


Organic, grass-fed butter is going to provide good healthy fats that will be better for you in the morning opposed to a carb-filled breakfast. This will also give the coffee a creamy consistency, and make it frothy.

Butter can replace the creamer in your coffee, and I’ll show you how to sweeten it properly later.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is antimicrobial, antiviral, puts your body fat burning mode, and provides healthy fats and calories without spiking insulin.

You can even use coconut oil to do what I like to call a “dirty fast” that involves skipping breakfast, but you still get a delicious drink.

Collagen Powder

Collagen won’t spike your insulin levels, is non-dairy, and naturally sweetened. 

My own collagen powder is sweetened with monk fruit and has a multivitamin, milk thistle, and glucomannan. 

This means it will lower blood sugar, detox the liver, get you your multivitamin, healthy fats, and comes from a grass-fed source.

Adding collagen powder to your coffee will give it a latte level of sweetness and creamy consistency, without any of the syrups and sugars.

I like to also add cinnamon and sea salt, which will help with blood pressure and blood vessel support, as well as weight loss.

Proffee (Protein Coffee)

Proffee is my custom protein coffee which is even easier to drink on the go. It can be taken pre-workout, as an afternoon snack, any time you like.

Organic Coffee

I recommend using organic coffee again, because it’s worth paying for higher-quality coffee.

If you like decaf coffee, make sure it’s a Swiss process, which means they use water to make it instead of using chemicals to remove the caffeine.

Collagen Powder

I recommend adding one scoop of collagen protein powder. Depending on the amount you’re making, you can also use a scoop and a half. 

Drinking proffee before a workout is ideal because it gives you extra energy; I wouldn’t recommend drinking it immediately after a workout.

If you use my collagen powder, you don’t have to add creamer because it already has monk fruit in it. It also comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, so you can have a delicious flavored latte.

And, if you’re fasting, proffee technically doesn’t break your fast because it’s so low in glycemic index and doesn’t spike your insulin levels.

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