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How To Treat Alar Ligament Damage


Ligament damage is very prevalent due to car accidents, injuries, traumas, sports and other things that we do to our body. These ligaments get very stretched out, and when that happens, it’s like stretching plastic – it doesn’t rebound. Ligaments do not have their own blood supply. They respond by the health of the joint around them so we need to do is try and stimulate that surrounding blood supply to help stabilize the ligament.

If you’re not sure you have ligament damage, get to a corrective nervous system chiropractor that will be able to identify this damage (especially people who are dealing with chronic headaches and neurology-type issues). If your doctor HAS diagnosed you with alar ligament damage, here’s what you need to do to start controlling this:

  1. On the side of the ligament damage, place your hand on your cheek (while keeping your head nice and straight – no leaning or rotating)
  2. Push the head against the hand, keeping as upright as possible – and hold for 10 seconds (hand may be shaking or head may be shaking)
  3. Repeat 10 times on the same side, then switch to the other side (if you have bi-lateral damage). If you only have one 1 side, stick to that side

You’re going to feel it right up at the top and that’s going to really stimulate that blood flow and help stabilize the ligaments for alar ligament damage.

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