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How Your Weight Is Damaging Your Joints – And How To Fix It!

excess weight and joints

What if I told you that just one pound of weight gain has a significant impact on your joints? 

According to a recent study, one pound of weight gain can lead to severe problems in the joints and hips.

If you have bad joints in the lower half of your body, it’s probably coming from your waist.

How Excess Weight Creates Pressure on Your Joints

When you stand up, the weight from your gut is dispersed to your hips and knees.

For every pound of weight loss, there is a 4-pound reduction in stress on your knee joints and a 6-pound reduction of pressure on the hips.

If you were 50 pounds overweight, you would be putting 200 extra pounds of pressure on your knees, and 300 extra pounds on your hips.

When you go up or down stairs, it multiplies the stress on your joints by 2-3 times.

Even modest weight loss significantly lightens the stress on your joints. The accumulated reduction of pressure in the knees for just one pound of weight loss would be more than 4,800 pounds per mile walked.

If you lose 10 pounds in body fat, each knee would have 48,000 fewer pounds of pressure on them per mile walked.

Excessive weight puts immense stress on our bodies, and our joints are feeling the consequences of it.

One study found that knee osteoarthritis in obese men would decrease by 21.5% as a result of weight loss.

Dropping a couple of pounds makes a massive difference.


If you’re struggling with a bad knee, I have an entire playlist of rehab videos that cover helpful exercises for your quads and hamstrings.

There are also rehab videos for the lower back and other parts of the body to help you reduce aches and pains and recover from injuries.

We need to work on getting our excess weight off if we want to help our joints. The best way to do this is through rotational fasting. This will allow us to still have unhealthy meals as long as we respond to those meals by curbing our consumption.

If your eating isn’t perfect, and you want to stop plateauing and learn to curb your consumption, check out my video that covers rotational fasting here.  


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