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Letting Yourself Get Away With This One Thing is Stopping Success

Stopping Success

Do or do not. There is no try. This is a simple lesson in commitment and the power of giving something 100%. Today, I’m going to encourage you to remove the word “try” from your vocabulary, and to start using “do” more.

The majority of people who want to do things to change their life only try to do them. Stop trying and start doing.

There are limitations, there are things you shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t go skydiving without a parachute. But a lot of the things that you’re after are reasonable, achievable things that you deserve.

Have you ever told yourself that you would do any of the following?

  • Get in shape
  • Get off of medications
  • Become more educated
  • Make more money
  • Look & feel better
  • Be a nicer person

You’ve likely only tried these things, rather than setting out and actually doing it.

People who get results and are successful, do or do not. They know what to do, and know what not to do.

Doing is the commitment to success. Practice, learning, failure, and progress all lead to success.

Trying is the fallback for failure when things don’t go as planned. If you have that mentality, you’re never going to change.

Ask yourself what it is you really want. Are you willing to sacrifice and fail to get it? If your answer isn’t yes, then I would question whether or not you actually want it.

You’ll have to go through some bumps and bruises to reach your goal, but you will get there. You need to have a Do-W.I.T. mentality:




If you need this kind of mentality, if you need a breakthrough to start experiencing real health, try the Dr. Livingood Challenge for just $1. 

You get access to an entire four-week challenge that will walk you through fixing through the five foundations that have broken your health and have left you in a sick care system.

I want your life changed that badly, because it’s my purpose. What are you waiting for? Do it.

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