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Plantar Fasciitis (Pain Relief Guide)


Here are some simple suggestions to help alleviate your heel pain if you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. 

1. Rest
Often times it is due to too much use or exercise, stressing out and causing inflammation to the fascia tissues of the heels. Allowing rest can offer some relief.

2. Adjustments
Simple chiropractic adjustments can offer some relief. Sometimes even a hip out of alignment can cause something like this to happen. Get the proper analysis of your spine to know if that is the cause for you.

3. Strengthening Exercises

Towel Stretches – with your shoe off, lay a towel on the floor. Using your toes, lift up the arch and crinkle the toe toward you to bunch the towel up into a ball and flatten it back out. Repeat this over and over again. You can do this without a towel, but the towel helps even more. 

Ball Exercises – use a golf ball, lacrosse ball, frozen water bottle, or any hard round item. Using a good amount of pressure, roll the item around under the arch and heel on the foot. Stripping the muscles and fascia on the bottom of your foot will “hurt so good”, but will offer some relief. 

4. Supportive Shoes and Footwear
Wear supportive shoes daily and when exercising. You can also be fit for an insert to properly support your feet, worst case. 

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