Heart Disease Predictor With Push-Ups?

Would you like to know your heart disease risk in less than two minutes with this simple heart disease predictor? It’s all about those push-ups!

40 in 1 Minute

A shocking study1 comes out of Harvard showing that there’s one key way that you may be able to find out your heart disease risk over the next ten years in a matter of minutes. It’s how many push-ups you can do in a minute!

A group of over 1,000 men took on this heart disease predictor and were studied over a 10-year period of time. They gave them a metronome set to 80 beats per minute to perform push-ups to. If you skipped three beats in a row or were to the point of exhaustion, you were out.

The study found that the men who could do more than 40 push-ups in 1 minute a 96% reduction in heart disease risk.2 All 37 men during the 10-year period that suffered from heart disease incidents we’re not able to complete the test.

The push-up test performed better at predicting heart disease risk than the stress test on a treadmill!

heart disease predictor

Can YOU do it?

We not only need to raise awareness about heart disease, the #1 disease killer for men AND women but also measure our risks and own the responsibility of building real health if we’re on the track to having a bad heart.