Red Yeast Rice [Benefits for Cholesterol]

Red yeast rice is a form of rice, that when cultured and fermented with a specific yeast, will kick off a powerful cholesterol-lowering element called Monacolin K. So why is Monacolin K so important?

Monacolin K

Monacolin K is chemically identical to the active ingredient in certain statin drugs! Your total cholesterol can go down by as much as 13% & your LDL by as much as 19% by using this natural statin subsitute1.

That means this little thing that you can find in nature can have the same desired effects on your cholesterol as the expensive, harmful cholesterol drugs!

Word of Warning

Monacolin K and statin drugs both lower cholesterol in the body – but they both also inhibit CoQ10 production (which is essential to provide energy to your heart). You’re still far better off with naturally fermented rice because statin drugs cause a whole slew of other harmful side effects2 that red yeast rice doesn’t.

How to Take Red Yeast Rice (+ CoQ10)

CoQ10+ features 40 mg coenzyme Q10 per serving along with 1200 mg organic red yeast rice.

1 gram of this fermented rice can be taken daily, and due to its CoQ10 inhibiting nature, be sure to take it with fermented Coq10. This will protect the absorption rate into the body and will energize those cells so you negate the side effects that the red yeast rice might cause & don’t strip the muscle.


Red yeast rice can have the same effect as statin drugs, without all the side effects – make sure to take it with fermented CoQ10 and consult your doctor if you have a serious heart problem or have had a heart attack or stroke. When looking at all the variables, this is a good solution if you know you have a cholesterol problem and want to safely lower it.