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Reproductive Issues (Birth Control & Hormones)


Practical and Simple Birth Control Solutions

A question I get often is what is a real health solution for birth control? Obviously putting synthetic hormones into a female’s body to control ovulation could have severe long-term affects. So here are some practical and simple, real health solutions, to help with regulating hormones when it comes to the female reproductive system.

1.  Chiropractic Adjustments
If you have a lot of hormonal issues I would start by having your nervous system looked at by a corrective care chiropractor. The nerves going to the reproductive area could be interfered with and the body may not be working and healing at 100%. 

2. Clean Up Nutrition
Inflammatory foods, especially sugar, will affect your reproductive system and regulation of hormones. Clean up your diet to help balance hormones out.

3. Temperature Tracking
Temperature tracking is great for knowing if you are ovulating or not. This is a great tool for family planning. Simply take your body temperature every morning before getting out of bed (a correct basal thermometer is most accurate). Note the rise in temperature right after ovulation takes place.

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