Lower Back Pain Remedies [Exercises]

If you’re experiencing low back pain, the first thing to do is have the spine properly analyzed to see how the nerves are communicating to your low back. If there are biomechanical shifts, subluxation or damage, it’s going to cause problems & pain. Find the root cause of the problem, and don’t just cover it up with pain meds, NSAIDs or even therapies. Where do you start?

  1. Move the Spine: Wobble ball exercises are fantastic to put motion into the spine and get the spinal fluid moving. It very important to get this type of rehab into your daily schedule (morning and evening) – especially to counteract the effects if you sit all day long.
  2. Rolls & Wedges: Spinal home care equipment is prescribed by a doctor and are based your specific x-rays. Using them will act like a retainer does for your teeth and will help hold correct position.
  3. Lumbar Extension: For this exercise you’ll sit flat facing straight ahead. Grab your knees and arch your back. Really use your knees to pull the curve into your lower spine, sitting up as straight as you can. Hold 10 seconds and repeat 10 times while remembering to breathe. It’s really a simple exercise to force extension into your lower back (even while sitting at your desk)
  4. Strengthen Your Core: If you work on your abs and strengthen your core, it’s going to loosen all the tightness that you have in your lower back. A simple 10-minute ab-focused workout daily is all you need to improve the strength of your core, and in turn – your low back.