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SHOCKING Dangers of Dental Work I Experienced

Several years ago, my dad suddenly lost his health.

His heart shut down due to electrical heart issues, which will be discussed more in a moment.

We couldn’t figure out what was happening. We sent him to the Mayo Clinic, and he got put on a lot of drugs.

Today I’m going to reveal to you today one unseen, unheard-of revelation we found that was in my dad’s mouth.

We started to peel back all the layers of what was making him unhealthy.

We looked at nutrition, movement, and stress, which are huge. We had to address those things, and it saved his life.

But after we got about three years in, we started to look at what else could be causing the problem.

What we found is actually the fifth foundation of my five foundations for health that I focus on: Fix your filters.

Your filters are your liver and your kidneys, and I’m going to show you how and why they are filling up with potentially toxic metals.

If you’ve gotten dental work done, you’re going to want to pay attention to these main areas that could be really dangerous when it comes to your overall health, let alone your oral health.

Metal In Your Teeth?

My dad’s filters were getting bogged down and couldn’t detox his body the way they’re supposed to because of heavy metals in his body, and the main culprit was in my dad’s mouth.

Teeth are insulators because there’s enamel there that prevents electrical currents from passing through.

That means your tooth should not have any electrical charge and shouldn’t allow electricity to pass through.

Back before x-rays were developed, dentists used that as a test. If the electricity was pulled one way or the other through the two nodes, then they could see that there was a cavity in the tooth.

We went to a holistic dentist, and they measured the electrical charge in my dad’s mouth, which was full of metal. He had 10 amalgam fillings and one silver tooth.

There was a large electrical current in my dad’s teeth, sometimes as high as half a volt.

If there’s half a volt in the mouth, imagine what that’s doing to the electricity of the body, the nervous system, and the heart.

The number one rule was we’ve got to get rid of the metal, and I now also know metal inside of a mouth has direct correlation with epilepsy.

My dad had suffered from a number of symptoms, such as:

  • Loss of hearing/complete deafness
  • Eye problems
  • Insomnia
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Tinnitus/Hearing Loss
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Memory Loss
  • Mouth Pain
  • Heart-Related Problems

If you can relate with any of those conditions or you’re scared of them like I am, we want to pay attention to why metal in the mouth is a bad idea.

Mercury In The Mouth

Years ago, it was okay to put mercury, which is the second-most toxic element known to man, in your mouth. In a lot of dentist offices, it still is today.

The dentists have to wear double-layered gloves and throw it away in a container and properly dispose of it.

There’s toxic warning signs and skulls all over that container, yet it’s supposedly okay when you put it in your mouth.

Now, when you irritate a metal amalgam tooth a little bit, it gives off vapors. This is soaking right into your brain, your blood, and your nervous system.

Researchers once did a study on sheep where they put mercury amalgam fillings in sheep who were chewing grass all day long.

They found that the mercury was not only concentrated in the jaw and the teeth, but also had a high concentration in the kidneys, and especially the stomach and liver.

When you have a lot of this mercury in your mouth, these heavy metals start piling up in the stomach and in the liver.

We had my dad’s blood levels tested for mercury to find out how much was actually getting into his body, and he was very high in mercury. So we knew this was in my dad’s tissues.

This all started to bring a lot of things together for me, because my dad had electrical problems in his mouth.

Not only did he have 10 amalgams in his mouth, but when his front tooth had a problem, they’d pulled the front tooth out and buried a chunk of amalgam there.

It was the equivalent of having an x-ray right underneath his nose.

It took us several months to get this out, but please don’t start pulling all of your metal fillings out.

The main thing I want you to do today is start choosing no metal inside of your mouth.

It creates a lot of problems with the electricity and you’re asking for health issues, let alone pain.

Metal Crowns

Now, what we also started to discover is that even crowns can have the same issue because a lot of times they have metal underneath them.

Dentists put these caps and these crowns on the tooth, but they use metal to solder it to the tooth.

Now, what this creates with the fillings and the crowns is a phenomenon called cracked tooth syndrome.

You may very well be suffering with this because every time you chew, every time you eat something hot, every time you eat something cold, there’s a movement inside of that tooth.

There needs to be a little bit of movement in there to allow for the expansion and contraction needed to handle chewing and force coming against the tooth.

Porcelain or ceramic crowns can absorb that. But with amalgam, the metal is so rock-solid that there’s no give.

The only way they can give is to crack, so it cracks the teeth and you get microfractures.

If those go deep enough, it’s going to lead right to a root canal, which my dad had had several of.

Dealing With A Root Canal

Now, there’s still infection left after a root canal, and after the procedure, that infection can progress.

There’s no way you can clean out all the bacteria from all the little tubals that supply the blood and nutrients to your teeth and the roots of your teeth.

What a root canal does is wall off the cave, and then that bacteria is allowed to just sit there and eat away at the tissue where the root canal was performed.

This is why a lot of people have to take an antibiotic that destroys the gut after they get dental procedures, especially root canals.

I have a video here for you about what to do after taking antibiotics to help you recover.

But that bacteria can get in and go straight to the heart, which was a major concern for my dad.

Cholesterol crystals can accumulate and irritate the tissues where the root canal was done.

That can cause scar tissue, which could just bring pain, but also cystic lesions.

The bacteria, the film, and the cysts that can start forming in this area can create a lot of mouth problems.

The procedure can actually cause an overactive immune response in the body, causing negative health impacts.

If you have an autoimmune disorder, one thing you really want to consider is taking care of your mouth.

Root Canals Involve Toxic Materials

A lot of dentists use materials such as amalgam to fill the tooth after the root canal has been performed, which can be detrimental to your health due to the mercury and the other toxins that are leaching into the body.

Another dentist we went to had a mercury vapor analyzer like the ones that the EPA uses to measure whether or not there are mercury vapors in the air.

That’s something we want to know in certain areas to make sure we’re not getting exposed to mercury, because it’s incredibly toxic.

According to EPA regulations, mercury levels over 0.1 milligrams per million are dangerous.

In an experiment where researchers examined an amalgam-filled tooth, they heated the amalgam a little bit and found that the resulting vapors were 0.3 mg per million..

Just a little bit of friction caused it to create three times the amount of safe mercury exposure, and that’s happening in someone’s mouth.

This is why metal in your mouth creates a big problem.

It was also discovered that this starts to impair kidney function, because  mercury will accumulate in those filter organs.

In the experiment conducted on sheep, the sheeps’ kidney function went down within days of having mercury in their mouth.

If you do have amalgam fillings or have had a root canal, and you have kidney, heart, toxicity, or liver issues, we may need to start looking at your mouth.

Metal Implants

Metal implants were the other major culprit that my dad ran into. These are metal posts that we put into the body in order to put a fake tooth in.

I understand why we need to do some of these things cosmetically, but are there better options?

The more we can avoid metal, the better, because any form of metal in the body is going to create extra voltage, which is going to mess with your own electrical system.

Any implant can lead to biofilms, which collect bacteria inside of there that can affect the heart.

Your solution here is to go with either a zirconium or nonmetal option instead of getting a metal post that increases the risk of rejection by your body.

If there is a cavity that has to be filled or you are going to get a cap or a crown, keep those porcelain with no metal involved.

If it does get to a point where you have the option to get an implant, go with zirconium, or consider using a nonmetal bridge that cements a fake tooth in place to the two teeth around it..

These are all simple ways that you can avoid having metal in your body now to prevent ever getting to a place where metal is causing problems.

If you do have an amalgam in your mouth, you need to talk to your doctor or a holistic dentist and try to get that out of there.

2-Step Detox For Metal In The Mouth

Now, what can we do to get proactive if there is metal in our mouth or we’re just worried about the toxicity of it?

We started taking my dad through a detox process that I actually created for this. It’s a two-step process: one in the morning, one at night.

In the morning, you start to build up glutathione and glutathione’s building blocks inside of your body.

Glutathione is the street sweeper that will start pulling some of these metals and other toxins out of the tissue.

Just like with the sheep, these toxins build up in the liver, in the kidneys, and in other tissues. Glutathione is your primary one to pull those out.

Once you get the toxins out of the tissues, if you don’t properly get them out of the blood and out of the digestive system, they’re going to just get reabsorbed somewhere else.

So step two is using things like activated charcoal at night to suck the toxins out of the body.

Any time I have dental work, I like to go through one of these detoxes. Any time we have metal exposure or concerns about detoxification, it’s always those two steps.

I put together a training of what to do after antibiotics and after medical tests so that you really know what to do.

Now, when it comes to taking care of your teeth , you can still do your normal brushing and your normal mouth care, even with amalgam fillings.

You can even do oil pulling, which is really good at controlling bacteria. If you do have metal in your mouth, I suggest doing that.

I also suggest using hydrogen peroxide. I made a whole oral care video with five key steps to improve your oral care.

Anyone with dental issues needs to know about dental dangers, how to properly take care of their teeth, and how to deal with things like antibiotics after dental work.

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