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Best way to prevent sinus infections

It’s almost wintertime, which means sinus infections and problems are on the horizon. 

The best thing you can do to prepare is learn about potential causes and useful remedies. Luckily, this blog covers just that!

Nutrition & Lifestyle

When we’re thinking about sinus infections, we want to think about what’s causing them.

If you’re struggling with a sinus infection or sore throat, cut dairy-based foods. They tend to increase mucus, and have sugars and carbs that make inflammation worse.

Candies, breads, crackers, alcohol, and cereals are things that you should be staying away from. 

Caffeine is probably okay to have, but you should stay away from sugary sodas or dairy-filled coffee drinks.

If you’re feeling up to it, you can even do some light exercise. 

Another thing you can try is changing your sleeping position. 

I use my cervical molding rolls, my sleep aids, to open the sinuses back up by putting a curve in my neck.

You also want to think about the air circulation of your house. I recommend getting an air purifier if you can. 

You should also pay attention to any sources of mold, and to any pets, candles, and fragrances that you may be sensitive to. Some of these can set off the sinuses. 

Vitamins D & C

To attack the sinus infection, here are some things you can try that I keep in my own wellness cabinet. 

First, you want to make sure you get vitamin D and vitamin C regularly coming in.

I take 4,000-8,000 IUs of vitamin D per day, and 500-2,500 milligrams of vitamin C, depending on how much I need. 

If I’m fighting off a sickness or infection, I take the higher dose.

Silver Serum

Silver serum spray is a form of colloidal silver that can go up the nose, ear, mouth, skin, and in the reproductive area. 

This is going to fight infections in your body, and is like ionic silver without the negative side effects. It’s a tool my family and I use all the time, especially in a sore throat or sinus.

If you’re experiencing sinus pain, you can also pair the silver serum with hot compresses to get some relief.

Oregano and Monolaurin

Oil of oregano has very well-known properties of fighting off fungus, viruses, and microbes, which bolsters your immune response. 

I recommend pairing it with monolaurin, a form of lauric acid, which defends the body from viruses, microbes, and fungus. 

I included both of these in my supplement that you can use when you feel run down.


These are some ways to handle and remedy sinus infections and problems. My wellness cabinet bundle includes all of these remedies, and comes with my Omegas + Turmeric that will cut down on inflammation.

If your sinus issues are due more to allergies, my allergen support is very good at fighting off histamines and seasonal allergy symptoms.

Remember that healing always requires time. If you rolled your ankle, it’s not going to be normal for a week or two. Your sinuses are the same way—you have to help your body recover with time.

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