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The Real Reason Shingles Cases Are Surging—Here’s What to Do

The reason shingles cases are surging

Shingles cases are surging! How can we deal with it naturally, and what’s causing it? 

Shingles is caused by the reactivation of herpes zoster, which is the virus that causes chickenpox. If you’ve had chickenpox, it’s possible for you to get shingles. 

Your risk of contracting shingles is also much higher if you’ve had the virus that’s been so focused on lately. 

In a study on people 50 and over who were at risk for shingles, it was found that those who had the virus were 15% more likely to develop shingles. Not just once, but developing multiple cases of shingles over time.

If you were hospitalized for the virus, you’re 21% more likely to contract shingles.

Your T-cells and immune cells keep viruses at bay. So when you get something like chickenpox and recover from it, the virus can stay dormant in the system.

Then, when your immune cells have to fight off a different virus, shingles takes advantage of the situation and flares up again.

I was exposed to the virus and shortly after, shingles popped up. 

Many people are running out and looking for medical intervention, but what can we do naturally to get rid of it?

Increase Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is fantastic for both reducing the symptoms of and outright preventing shingles. There is research closely linking the clinical course of shingles with the amount of vitamin D in your blood.

I recommend getting the level of vitamin D in your blood up to 50 ng/ml or higher for prevention and to help boost your immune system, especially if you experience a lot of toxicity, or the virus itself.

Silver Serum

I like to use silver serum because it helps bolster your immune system against viruses, fungus, and bacteria. This is something that I always make sure to keep in my wellness cabinet.

Witch Hazel

I use witch hazel in a spray form. It’s a great antiseptic that can help prevent viruses, infections, and any kind of itchy skin or blemish.

I recommend putting silver serum and witch hazel on gauze and wearing the gauze overnight with some tape on it to hold it in place.

When I had shingles, I didn’t have to use these next two because the silver serum and witch hazel knocked out my itchiness and other external effects very quickly. 

But they’re both great options if silver serum and witch hazel aren’t getting it done, or if you want to use them as alternatives.

Raw Local Honey

This is another good topical antiviral that you can put right on the affected area. 

Using local honey is great because it will help more with the specific pollens and allergens in your area that might be making the itching and skin issues worse. 

Omegas & Turmeric

You’re going to be dealing with a lot of inflammation. Any time a virus gets into its later stages, past 5-10 days, you’re creating inflammation in the body.

The body produces inflammation to fight off the virus, but that inflammation can have negative effects on your health as well. 

You can help your body out by taking omegas and turmeric, which are great anti-inflammatories. 

When you take them together, there’s an emulsification effect that allows them to get absorbed easier and better handle the inflammation. That’s why my supplement includes a blend of both omegas and turmeric.


These are the simple remedies and steps you need to take if you want to get rid of your shingles, or prevent yourself from getting it:

It is important to maintain good levels of vitamin D, but it’s important not to take too much, or the wrong type of it. 

If you don’t know how to properly take vitamin D, it could be impacting your blood vessels and causing mineral deficiencies!. 

Stop taking vitamin D immediately until you watch this video.

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