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Walmart Oils and Healthy Fats

You need to take in oils to get healthy fats into your body, but I wouldn’t even put many of the oils you find in the grocery store in my car.

You may get a cheaper price on some of them, but they’re super toxic for you.

But that doesn’t mean that there are no healthy, affordable oils.

Today, I’m going to show you how you can get good, quality oil that’s going to put you in fat-burning mode, protect your brain, and not congest your cells, all for a great price.

What Not to Buy

I don’t recommend using corn oil, because that will congest your cells.

Every cell in your body has a layer of fat around it, and that’s what allows nutrients to come in and toxins to get out.

Oils like vegetable, corn, and canola may be cheaper, but they’re not good for you.

When oils like that are heated, they go rancid. That changes their chemical structure.

Then your body has to use that denatured fat to create the fat layer around the cell, which congests it.

Nutrients can’t get in, and more importantly, fat and toxins can’t get out.

This means you start getting nutrient-deprived, your cholesterol starts going up, and you start losing energy.

This is why we need a true detoxification by putting healthy oils in.

That way, we open our cells up, start burning fat, and release all of those toxins.

Organic Coconut Oil

You can cook using high heat with coconut oil. You can also do this avocado oil, so those are two of my favorites.

Unlike vegetable, corn, and canola oils, the heat doesn’t denature them.

I found some coconut oil that’s non-GMO and organic, which are two things you want to look for when buying oils.

You can actually find big containers of this for about $4-$5 cheaper at Walmart than if you were to get it at a health food store.

Avocado Oil 

Avocado oil is probably the best oil to cook with. It can also be used when you’re cooking with high heat, so it’s versatile.

I found some at Walmart that’s non-GMO, expeller-pressed, and glyphosate-free.

Expeller-pressed means that no chemicals were used to extract the oil, and glyphosate-free means that that herbicide wasn’t used on the trees.

This means that no chemical residues are ending up on the avocados that were made into the oil.

Olive Oil 

If you’re looking for olive oil, I recommend looking for extra-virgin olive oil, and for oil that’s singularly-sourced, which you also want to look for with coffee.

Being singularly-sourced means there’s not several different oils going into the one oil that you’re using.

Getting it 100%-sourced from one place makes it a little cleaner.

You don’t want to heat olive oil, because it can only withstand low temperatures.

I really only recommend it for things like salad, or some really low-heat cooking.


By shopping at Walmart, you’re probably going to save $2-$5 per container compared to buying oils at a health food store.

That makes healthy eating and taking in healthy fats doable on a budget.




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