What’s Insulin Resistance? [And What to Do About It]

Sugar is more addictive to the brain than cocaine! Maybe that how we’re eating 150 pounds of it a year – but it’s destroying our system by making it insulin resistant.

What’s Insulin Resistance?

Insulin is the body’s response to sugar in the blood and helps process it so the body can use it. Your body becomes resistant to insulin when there’s too much sugar in the blood and the cells cannot absorb and use that sugar for energy. Think of it as an annoying delivery man (insulin) that keeps showing up the more sugar you keep eating. Pretty soon the cells are going to say “go away” and become resistant to that insulin. That means – blood sugar goes up and that creates all sorts of damage. Here’s how you can start addressing insulin resistance.

1. Cut Sugar

Well, duh – right? You have to give your body a break from sugar. You’re probably an addict, so you need to go a period of time (not forever!) with absolutely NO sugar. It will be hard, but your taste buds will start to change, you’ll curb the cravings and you’ll give your system a break so it can start healing. No fruits except for berries, grapefruit, and granny smith apples. No honey, oatmeal, bread, grains …etc.

2. Crank Up Fat

Those damaged cells need to be healed and you do that but cutting sugar, and getting good, healthy fats in. Go for things like nuts, seeds, good oil and butter, coconut milk, avocados …etc.

3. Clean Up Toxins

Toxins are also damaging the insulin receptors in the cells. Toxins can mean environmental as well as food. Clean up the meats and dairy by paying attention to the sources – grass-fed, wild-caught, free-range, organic.

4. Intermittant Fasting

STOP eating (again, not forever!) – but skip 1 meal per day. I’d suggest breakfast because when you sleep, you’re in fat-burning mode because there’s no sugar left in the system. If you eat breakfast (like a banana, bagel, donut, toast, oatmeal) that’s all sugar … and the body goes back into sugar-burning mode. Instead, have some water, or greens juice (as long as it’s liquid) and wait until noon to get healthy food in. When you do that – you’ve allowed your body to stay in fat-burning insulin-healing mode!. Stop eating at 6 pm and start that cycle over again the next day. So you are fasting from 6 pm until lunch the next day. Tremendous benefits with this type of fasting.