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5 goals to make 2023 healthy

Setting goals at the beginning of the year is always a good idea when it comes to starting out on the right foot. It’s important to make them simple and accomplishable, so that you follow through with them!

Here are five simple goals to make this year your healthiest year yet!

5. Sitting Is The New Smoking

Sitting down for just 1-3 hours is the equivalent of smoking a cigarette. It breaks down your joints, and research shows that it increases your risk of cancer and heart disease by up to 40%.

Sitting is also going to add extra weight, which can lead to obesity. 

You’re not moving your body, which is going to be hard on circulation and breathing, and is going to drain your energy.

If you want to make sitting down less one of your goals this year, every time you take a phone or video call, try to move around while doing it.

Use that time to walk around a bit. If you can’t leave the building, you might want to consider getting a treadmill underneath your desk.

That way, you can get some steps in while you’re taking calls.

Good exercise will help reduce the effects of sitting too much as well!

4. Evening Meals & Drinks

The timing of your evening meals and drinks, especially if they’re alcoholic, is a huge predictor of your weight and obesity.

Studies show that you should be cutting off eating and drinking 3 hours before you close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

Eating during that 3-hour window is going to put extra strain on your digestive system.

When you go to bed, your body will still be working on digesting food instead of shifting all of its focus to healing.

That is going to lower your heart rate variability. 

Heart rate variability is different from your heart rate, which is the beats per minute.

Heart rate variability is the variation between the beats of your heart, and it measures the stress and strain on your body.

There are a lot of monitors in the forms of rings and watches that you can wear at nighttime to track this.

The fastest way to lower your heart rate variability and strain your body is to fill it full of food and alcohol, and then go to bed.

If you want to increase your heart rate variability, which increases weight loss, decreases risk of cancer, reduces stress, and increases your immune system, you have to measure it.

Measuring your heart rate variability should be a goal for this year if you want to accomplish this. Watch what late night food or alcohol does to it.

Start cutting those things out before bed, or try cutting things like drinking out altogether.

That could be a great idea, and a great goal for the new year.

3. Home Cooking

A study of almost 12,000 adults showed that those who made 5 or more home-cooked meals a week had a 28% lower chance of being overweight.

This was compared with people who only ate 3 or fewer home-cooked meals per week, who had a 28% gain in being overweight.

This is because you’re eating out a lot, and you’re going to eat unhealthy fast food. 

Making food at home doesn’t have to be complicated!

In fact, my wife and I have committed ourselves to making food simple because we live such busy lives.

Food needs to be simple, so we wrote a book that covers everything we do when it comes to food. It’s free—you just need to cover the cost of shipping.

2. Screen Time

You might be watching this on a screen right now, or just scrolling through social media and feeding your brain someone else’s agenda.

The non-positive, non-educational things, and the drama that comes with social media can take a toll on you.

Studies now show that excess screen time increases your risk of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. So let’s look at screens less and get a little happier this year!

The easiest way to reduce screen time is through a setting on your phone. 

In your settings you can set limits on the amount of screen time and the amount of app time you have each day.

Your phone will actually alert you or lock you out of them. You could also set a timer, but the easiest way is to have your phone lock you out of screen time.

You might be doing this for your children, but you should cut back yourself and watch what happens.

It’d be interesting if you cut it out for just a couple of days and charted your levels of anxiety, depression, and happy thoughts.

Less screen time makes for a better year, so that should definitely be one of your goals for the new year.

1. Consume Less

One of the fastest ways to hack your metabolism, get your body back, and reach your weight goals is by eating less food.

When it comes to my five guidelines to fix your nutrition, this is the main one that needs to happen.

I put myself through metabolic hacking, and in 12 weeks I transformed my metabolism and tapped into a fat-burning mode that I never thought I’d reach again.

It gave me a whole new feeling of confidence, and I want to show you exactly how I did it. I made an entire video breaking down exactly what I did, and it’s a perfect next step to crush the new year.

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