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Bulletproof Peppermint Mocha

Bulletproof Peppermint Mocha

Try this festive gut-healing Bulletproof Peppermint Mocha recipe during the cold weather of the holiday season.

How To Make Celery Juice (Without A Juicer)

Learn how to make celery juice to decrease blood pressure levels, help acid reflux, relieve constipation & bloating and support the nervous system.

Estrogen Boosting Smoothie

The ideal smoothie to boost estrogen, and... it's TASTY!

Kale And Green Apple Smoothie

Try a low-sugar Green Smoothie with green apples & kale.

Frozen Berry Smoothie

An easy recipe to get all of your favorite frozen berries all in one smoothie!

Almond Joy Smoothie

Total Time: 5 minutesServing Size: 1 smoothie1 scoop Livingood Daily Collagen Protein Chocolate2 tbsp raw almond or nut butter1 cup unsweetened almond milk or full-fat coconut milk1 tsp cinnamon1 tsp pure vanilla...

Almond Milk Recipe

Total Time: 15 minutes (soak nuts overnight)Serving Size: 6 cups 2 cups raw almonds, soaked overnight in enough water to cover4 cups water1 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional)

Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie

Total Time: 10 minutesServing Size: 1 smoothie 1 handful of spinach (optional)1 cup full-fat coconut milk1 cup frozen raspberries1 scoop Livingood Daily Collagen Protein (chocolate preferred)1 tbsp cocoa powder (especially...

Cinnamon Chocolate Smoothie

Total Time: 10 minutesServing Size: 1 smoothie 1 cup full-fat coconut milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk1 heaping spoonful almond butter1 tbsp cacao powder1 tsp chia seedscinnamon (to taste)nutmeg...

Blueberry Almond Milk Smoothie

Serving Size: 1 smoothieTotal Time: 10 minutes 1 large handful of spinach1 cup full-fat coconut milk and/or unsweetened vanilla almond milk½ -1 cup frozen blueberries1 heaping spoonful raw almond...