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Dr. Livingood — yes, that’s his real name! — is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, DC, and Amazon Best Selling Author. He is the founder of Livingood Daily and specializes in helping people find real health solutions and experience real health.

His story began in 2007 after nearly losing his father to health conditions, which prompted him to find a health care system to save his father’s life. Where medicine failed, Dr. Livingood discovered solutions that got his father off of 15 medications and helped him overcome major heart and autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Livingood, his wife Jessica (aka – Nurse Livingood), and their three kids spend their lives educating, writing books, and speaking nationally and locally to help others live good.

Dr. Livingood Comes to Life

Dr. Livingood asked his father to live with him and put all his scientific training and research into developing real health solutions. He taught his dad how to shop for food and exercise each day while he detoxed him and worked on his foundation. Within 90 days his dad was off all the prescription drugs he was taking and back to living his life, biking, fishing, and, best of all, was able to attend Dr. Livingood’s wedding.

Dr. Livingood took many of the health solutions he developed for his dad and converted them into a blueprint for others to help them focus on their health and make lifestyle changes. He put his belief into practice and decided not to approach healthcare like the majority of doctors who cover up disease and ignore the real problem, which is a lifestyle. According to Dr. Livingood, lifestyle is responsible for 98% of all diseases. Achieving real health involves changing your focus from sick care to health care, fixing your food, fixing your frame, fixing your fitness, and fixing your filters by detoxing your gut.

Life Change: Your Health Is Your Responsibility

Dr. Livingood’s approach helps people gain clarity on what it takes to build health, break free from drugs, get rid of the obstacles preventing real health, and get healthy to lose weight rather than lose weight to get healthy. No more sick care, no more toxic drugs, no more side effects, no more just doing what the insurance companies will pay for, no more food addiction, no more low energy, and no more suffering. He advocates doing what you instinctively know what to do first before spending the money on expensive drugs and doctors.

On the website, Dr. Livingood provides real health solutions, tools, masterclasses and coaching, meal plans, workouts, and a community membership to help people change their habits, achieve immune health, and live the “good” life. He also provides guides and remedies for high blood pressure and cholesterol, osteoarthritis, asthma, allergies, and other ailments and diseases. In addition, you’ll find insights on the causes and signs of depression and anxiety, two ailments at an all-time high today among all age groups, and advice on nutritional changes, dietary supplements, and stress-relieving habits that can help alleviate symptoms. Livingood Daily Supplements are also available for purchase on

The Biggest Asset Is Our Health: Dr. Livingood Pens Two Amazon Best-Sellers

Published in 2017, “Livingood Daily: Your 21-Day Guide to Experience Real Health,” provides a step-by-step healing formula to help individuals go from chronic disease and drugs to fit and full of energy quickly. Individuals will gain insight into the causes of issues so that they can experience real health. The book also includes testimonials from people who have followed Dr. Livingood’s guide to healthy living. An individual, for example, with diabetes for 40 years cut her insulin by 50% while another individual shared that her lupus is now in remission and for the first time in six years did not need to visit the doctor or hospital all year after following the practices and using the tools in “Livingood Daily.”

Dr. Livingood’s other Amazon best-seller, “Make Food Simple,” which he co-wrote with his wife, Jessica, was published in 2019. The book helps guide individuals in taking the stress and confusion out of nutrition and making fast, healthy meals for the entire family. Dr. Livingood helps people break their sugar addiction, learn how to activate the natural fat burner mechanism in their bodies, and detox the family by avoiding the top 10 toxic foods. The book also helps individuals learn to shop on a budget and makes shopping easy. More than 100 recipes are included – everything from vegetarian to anti-inflammatory and low-carb meals.

Dr. Livingood received his doctorate from Life University in Atlanta. He is a licensed Chiropractor in North Carolina and Florida. He founded one of the world’s largest natural health centers in North Carolina but no longer sees patients. He and his wife live in Cary with their three kids and spend their lives speaking nationally and locally in the hopes that others can experience real health.

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