Colonoscopies [Side Effects & Alternative]

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Colonoscopy side effects and alternatives

Colonoscopies can be a great tool to identify issues within the body, but they are grossly overused and come with potential complications.

Let’s discuss why colonoscopies can turn out to be a terrible idea, and an alternative your doctor’s won’t tell you about.



Anesthesia will be used when a camera is being inserted to check for polyps in the colon.

This drug increases the risk of long-term brain damage because it cuts off the nutrient & oxygen supply to the brain1!

That camera also disrupts the biome of the digestive system (i.e. the flow of the good & bad bacteria).


Another issue with colonoscopies is the potential for perforations. These are disruptions or microscopic holes that can affect the entire gut and create irritation & infections.

Your bowels can be imbalanced for weeks – and the miserable process of evacuating your colon to perform the screening doesn’t appeal to anyone.


The cost to perform a colonoscopy is about $3,000. If your insurance covers it, great! – but think about this:

Are colonoscopies expensive?
A Shocked man holding some documents in the livingroom

What do you think a hospital executive (the boss of your doctor) is going to instruct the doctor to recommend … a $30 FIT test, or a $3,000 colonoscopy?

They’ll suggest the colonoscopy every time so that money goes in their pocket. They’ll send you reminders, letters, phone calls & emails about scheduling your next colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy side effects

Okay, good point – so what can i do instead?

Fit Test

A FIT test is a fecal immunochemical test that is checking for blood in your stool by doing a simple swab. It identifies irritation in the lower half of the digestive tract. Research has shown that it’s nearly 98% as accurate at identifying most forms of colon cancer as a colonoscopy2.

They are available online and sent to your house for you to provide a sample. You send back the sample and get your results.

Now, if the FIT test comes back positive, then you can consider getting the more invasive colonoscopy.

Bottom Line

Colonoscopies still hold as a more accurate screening (of course, you have an actual camera inside your body to identify polyps, etc.) but it comes with extra side effects and risks.

A FIT test is a great alternative to help identify any issues that may be present to prevent cancer & keep yourself safe without all the disruptions and costs of a colonoscopy.

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