Total Time: 1.5 hours
Serving Size: 4

1.5 pounds grass-fed ground beef
1 egg
1 small onion, diced
1/2 cup organic ketchup (no sugar) (can use tomato paste also)
2 tbsp Braggs Liquid Amino Acids
2 tsp organic Worcestershire sauce
Salt, pepper, garlic powder, to taste
Optional: healthy cracker (such as Simple Mills, Mary’s Gone Crackers or Akmak crackers, finely crushed)

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl.  Transfer to a lightly coconut oil greased loaf pan, pack lightly.  Bake 1 hour or until cooked through at 350 degrees F.  Can top with a little ketchup if desired. Can serve with Mashed Cauliflower Tatoes recipe.