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Fibromyalgia Causes And Remedies

Fibromyalgia causes and remedies

If you’re suffering from inflammation, pain, muscle pain, and weakness, you could be experiencing the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

When people get diagnosed with fibromyalgia, they’re given drugs to try and control it for the rest of their life.

I have met tons of patients with fibromyalgia who are frustrated because no one’s actually helping them.

I cover this more in my book, but disease doesn’t really exist. Disease is nothing more than the lack of health. 

When you get diagnosed with fibromyalgia, remember that it’s not who you are.

There’s always hope to improve your health.

Reduce Inflammation

There are two main ways to quickly reduce inflammation in your body. The first way is to take an anti-inflammatory diet approach.

This can be found in my Make Food Simple Book that also comes with trainings, and an advanced challenge that you can go through to control inflammation.

Just doing this will make a massive difference in your symptoms.

The second way is by taking omegas and turmeric. These two are some of the most powerful anti-inflammatories. 

Instead of relying on over the counter medicines like Advil or Aspirin, use omegas and turmeric.

Treat Nerve-Related Damage

Another problem with fibromyalgia is that the muscles are showing a lot of the symptoms, but it’s the brain that controls the muscles.

Our brain does that by sending a message through our spinal cord and nerves. Oftentimes, there’s structural damage to the spine which causes a roadblock for those messages.

A lot of fibromyalgia patients lose the proper curvature in their neck, which stretches and damages the spinal cord. 

A proper corrective chiropractic analysis, which means x-ray and measurements to understand what’s normal for you, can help resolve spinal (and muscle) issues.

Rehab Your Muscles

There’s a lot of pain associated with fibromyalgia, so I would focus on rehabbing painful areas, giving them as much nourishment as you can.

If you mostly feel pain in the spine, mid-back, low-back, neck, feet, or hands, put your focus on that particular area.

You can do general cardio, walking, biking, or swimming to increase blood flow. It may seem counterintuitive and painful, but these will increase blood flow and decrease the long term pain.

You can also try stretching and rehabbing exercises, which can be found on


If you do the following, you’re going to notice a difference in how severe your fibromyalgia pain is:

  • Follow an anti-inflammatory diet plan
  • Take omegas and turmeric 
  • Get a proper analysis of spinal and nerve issues
  • Stretch and exercise your muscles

There is a definite difference between toxicity and fibromyalgia. I would recommend doing the Livingood Daily Detox and my Livingood Daily Lifestyle to reset your gut, liver, and kidneys.

If you need a great place to start with all of this, you can grab my free book here, and start to understand the lifestyle changes you need.

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