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Numbness & Tingling [Home Remedies]


Simple and practical Real Health Solutions to numbness and tingling. 

Think of a tree. It has roots and branches. Whether you are experiencing numbness and tingling in the hands or in the feet, understand that this could mean the “branches” of the tree have started to have problems. These branch problems are starting to tingle because something more is going on, more than likely, at the “roots”. So, if you want to find the cause of the problem at the branch level, you’ve got to look first at the root of the tree.  

What the heck does this mean? This is an area a lot of people miss and they end up treating the hands or treating the feet or the legs when the real problem is coming where the nerve starts. A proper spinal analysis is so important. Analyzing the Central Nervous System (roots) and not just the Peripheral Nervous System (branches). Often times you will find degeneration and damage at the area of the roots that is creating problems at the end. 

1. Central Nervous System Analysis
Corrective care spinal x-rays with a corrective care chiropractor

2. Specific Muscle and Ligament Exercises
Isometric exercises, wobble ball exercises, traction unit, shoulder or wrist exercises

3. High-Quality Omega Supplementation
1600 to 2400 milligrams of omegas will be as equivalent to ibuprofen when dealing with inflammation.  It is better than a drug that can cause more damage to your body. Extra omegas and high-quality fish oil. If you don’t know what high-quality means, please watch the video that I have on everything you need to know about omegas. 

4. B Vitamins
If there has been prolonged damage to the nerves, vitamin B can help the neural sheath around the nerve to help repair itself. It can be very difficult to repair nerves, but it can be done. You just have to give your body the raw materials in order to do so.

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