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How to Naturally Treat Asthma – 6 Effective Solutions

There are three different conditions of asthma.

You could have an allergy-based type where something is coming into your system, whether it’s inside of your house or the environment that you’re in, that is irritating your lungs.

The second type is exercise-based, where you use the lungs, challenge them, and they react to that.

The last type is more cough-based, which irritates the lungs and causes them not to respond well.

If you suffer from one of these types, here are 6 natural ways to help treat and manage your condition

1. Try an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Regardless of the condition, we have to look at what’s going in your mouth, because that’s going to impact your lungs.

An anti-inflammatory approach to eating is essential.

The more inflammation, mucus, and irritation to the lungs there is, the worse you feel, and the harder it is to breathe.

We have to have an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

2. Strengthen Your Lungs

Step number two is to make the lungs stronger.

This is no different than doing a curl to make a bicep better; you do breathing exercises specifically to help enhance the lungs.

We teach these in the Livingood Daily Challenge, but there’s also a guide for this in the Livingood Daily Lifestyle members’ area:

That will show you how to breathe to strengthen your breathing system, as well as to lower your stress response and stimulate the side of the nervous system that allows your lungs to relax, as opposed to contract and tighten up.

Especially if you have exercise-based asthma, breathing exercises will be crucial.

3. Lower Lung Inflammation

Number three involves getting inflammation out of the lungs.

One of the best ways to do this is to take omega-3s and turmeric since they are two of the most powerful ways to decrease inflammation in the system.

Add these into your regimen regardless of if you have an allergy-based, exercise-based, or cough-based form of asthma.

Anti-inflammatory foods and breathing exercises must be implemented as well.

4. Use Oregano & Monolaurin

Number four is taking oregano oil and monolaurin, or combining the two of them.

Studies show that oregano oil benefits upper respiratory tract infections and microbes.

If you suffer from an allergy-based or even a coughing-based form of asthma, adding in oil of oregano is an excellent idea, because it is very targeted to the lungs.

Monolaurin is an overall immune-booster because the lauric acid it contains helps bolster the immune system.

So if you have allergy- or cough-based asthma, those two are extremely important.

5. Attack The Microbes

Number five involves handling the microbes that could be driving asthma.

If your immune system’s run down, you’ve got a cold, flu, or virus, then your lungs are congested.

You can use herbs that attack everything from yeast and parasites to bacteria and viruses to attempt to bolster the army against those invaders inside of the system.

This is also where the microbe cleanse would come in handy to fend them off.

6. Allergen Support

If you have allergy-based asthma, the allergen support would be a good idea.

It has high doses of quercetin to help you fend off allergies, and nettles, which are another good antihistamine.

Whether your allergies are from something like pollen outside or a pet cat, your body has a natural antihistamine response to that.

Taking that allergen support can help you avoid toxic medications, even over-the-counter ones.

If your asthma is allergy-induced, I recommend checking out those herbs.


There are the top six solutions to help if you suffer from asthma, no matter if your asthma is allergy-, exercise-, or coughing-based.

Those are the remedies to help handle asthma and breathing problems.

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