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REAL Reasons Sugar Makes You Sick, And What It Does to Your Immune System

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Sugar is making you sick, and it’s incredibly hard on your immune system. I’m going to give you 10 reasons why you should stop eating sugar, and explain what it’s doing to your body.

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Sugar

1. Obesity Driver

Sugar is the number-one driver of obesity. Being overweight is one of the fastest ways to get put into the hospital or even die when it comes to coming in contact with the virus.

2. Sugar Creates Acidity

Otto Warburg proved in 1927 that cancers thrive in an acidic environment. Sugar makes your body more acidic, which puts you in a state that’s going to grow cancer and decrease the strength of your immune system.

3. Cholesterol Problems

Cholesterol by itself is not harmful–70% of it is made inside of your liver! Your body isn’t making something to try and kill you. The problem occurs when sugar oxidizes cholesterol and turns into fat.

If you already struggle with cholesterol problems, sugar is only going to make things worse.

4. Hormone Imbalances

Sugar increases the amount of insulin in your body. Over time, this will create a resistance to insulin in your body. That’s a problem, because insulin dictates other hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol. 

Your estrogen and testosterone levels will lower, and you’ll produce more cortisol, which will create more belly fat and lower your immune system.

5. Increased Risk For Those With Diabetes

Sugar is a fast track to diabetes. When it comes to viruses, those with diabetes are at a higher risk of being hospitalized or losing their life. Your immune system is already depleted because of diabetes, but sugar just makes it worse.

6. Sugar Is A Known Toxin

High-fructose corn syrup is a form of sugar found in many foods. If it was injected into you, it would kill you.

When we eat sugar, it’s just killing us slowly because our liver doesn’t know what to do with it.

This creates fattiness in the liver and spikes triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Your liver is your body’s filter that defends you from microbes and invaders, but it struggles to do that if it’s bogged down by too much fructose and sugar.

7. Sugar Increases Heart Disease

One of the main reasons people get heart disease is because of diabetes. There’s a direct correlation between the amount of sugar you consume and your risk of having heart disease.

8. Inflammation

15 minutes after you eat a high-sugar breakfast of things like orange juice, yogurt, cereal, coffee with sugar, or a bagel, your blood vessels start to shrivel up.

Sugar creates stickiness inside blood vessels, causing clotting and inflammation. 

Inflammation has been tied to 98% of all diseases, and sugar feeds inflammation inside of the system.

9. Sugar Is An Anti-Nutrient

Your body needs complex carbohydrates to function. The simple carb sugar adds no nutritional value, and takes the space of a mineral, vitamin, enzyme, or probiotic.

So not only is sugar not adding any nutritional value, it’s actually a negative nutritional value in your body!

This is especially important if you suffer from anemia, heart palpitations, or digestive dysfunction and struggle to absorb nutrients.

10. Cancer

Cancer feeds off of sugar, so not only does sugar create toxicity that destroys your immune system, but it actually feeds cancer cells!


Those are the top 10 reasons why sugar is so bad for you, especially for your immune system.

You may be wondering, what can you eat? How can you start moving in the direction of better health?

You can try my Immune You Mini-Course, which includes a protocol for if you run into a virus, and helps you to strengthen your immune system. 

It also details the best immune-boosting foods you should be eating, and what you can do year-round to stay healthy.

If you struggle with a sugar and carb addiction, I have a video you can check out here to help you break it and stabilize your metabolism.

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