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This Fat-Burning Method is Better Than Intermittent Fasting & Keto

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I’m going to share with you a fat-burning method that I found to be better than keto and intermittent fasting. 

If you want to get off bags of prescription drugs, like thousands of others have been able to, this is the way to go about it. 

If you’ve tried intermittent fasting, and your weight plateaus or your results stall, here’s how you can reset your metabolism.

Improving your metabolism is no different than working out your muscles at the gym. Rotational fasting reset my metabolism and helped me drop body fat better than any diet I’ve ever done.

My Experience With Rotational Fasting

I went through 12 weeks of what is known as rotational fasting. It was the one of the most powerful things I’ve experienced as a doctor, and the results blew my mind.

Before the fast, I was still eating clean, healthy food. 

The problem was that I was overeating. We have to have periods of times where we allow our body to enter cleanup mode, which is called autophagy. Autophagy will clean up all of the viruses and microbes in your system, and help you lose weight.

I hired a researcher on insulin, fasting, and autophagy, and I asked them to teach me all about it. I wanted to lose weight, because I felt like I had a layer of fat over every inch of my body.

How I Lost Weight with Rotational Fasting 

Here’s what I did:

For the first couple of weeks, I cut out snacking. This helped me get my insulin levels into a regimen of increasing and decreasing at certain times in the day.

Each week after that, I cut the size of each meal in half. Then I got into intermittent fasting mode. This is where your body plateaus. Your body gets used to your metabolism rate, so you stop seeing results.

After that, I went an entire day without eating. The next week, I did that for 2 different days. The week after that, I did it for 3. I would only drink fluids for 3 whole days. 

I started going back to fasting for 1-2 days, and then I went without eating for 7 days. I was slowly resetting my metabolism. It takes years for your metabolism to stop working properly, but when it happens, you have to reset your metabolism by steadily decreasing the amount of food you’re eating.

I checked my weight, and I was 179 pounds, which I hadn’t weighed since high school. 

This taught me that I had a tool to respond to periods of eating bad foods. I could make up for it by cutting out snacks and doing intermittent or full fasting to get back to where I was before.

It changed the makeup of my body from my face to my figure to my overall health. If you’re interested in rotational fasting, I did an entire training on it, along with a guide on how to get started. If it works for me, then I know it can work for you, too.

Rotational Fasting Schedule

Week 1 – Start by eating 3 meals a day with no snacking. If you want to accelerate the process, cut out carbs as well.

Week 2 – Half-sized breakfast. You should have a normal lunch and dinner, while lowering carb intake, and increasing fat intake.

Week 3 – No breakfast. This is intermittent fasting, but we’re not stopping here.

Week 4 – No breakfast, half-sized dinner.

Week 5 – Don’t eat for one full day, and either follow the fast from week 3 or 4 for the rest of the week.

Week 6 – Don’t eat for two full days. This is where you tap into autophagy, especially if you do these two days back to back.

If you really want to level out your metabolism, once you finish week 6, reverse the order and do it again. After you do your two days of fasting, go back to one day.

As you work your way back up, you can stop where you’re comfortable and stay there. Personally, I don’t like eating three meals a day; I prefer not to eat breakfast.


If you want to lose weight, get off your medications, and tap into autophagy, check out this training I made for you that will make you look and feel great.

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