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What are NSAIDs? [+Harmful Effects]

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Let’s uncover the truth about NSAIDs. What are they, why they’re not the best option, and what to do instead!


NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that include aspirin, ibuprofen (such as Motrin & Advil) & naproxen (such as Aleve). This does not include Tylenol, which is generally not used for inflammation, but as a fever reducer.

How Do They Work?

These anti-inflammatory drugs suppress two enzymes inside of your system (Cox 1 & Cox 2 inhibitors). When these are blocked, the production of inflammation goes down, thins your blood, and lessens pain.

On average, 30 million Americans take an NSAID every day!

Risky Side Effects

Blocking those inhibitors increases the risk for bleeds, clotting problems, and destroys the lining of your stomach1. Increased bleeding means an increased risk of stroke, which is why the FDA has retracted its recommendation of aspirin on a daily basis to reduce the risk of a heart attack and stroke2.

Reducing pain or inflammation will give you temporary relief, but in the long term, you may be trading off more serious conditions.

What To Do Instead

So you have pain and inflammation and you want help with it, but you don’t want an adverse drug reaction, brain bleed, or stomach bleed. What can you do?

Omega Fatty Acids

Studies of Omega-3 for anti-inflammatory and pain relief actually performed better at reducing pain than an NSAID did3. The best part … ZERO side effects! Omega-3 is a great alternative for pain management without the risk.

How much to take: 1600-2400 mg per day



Turmeric has also been shown to inhibit those Cox 1 & Cox 2 inhibitors (which produce inflammation). Incorporating turmeric into your daily diet is a healthy, natural way to battle pain at a significant level.

How much to take: 1-2 grams per day

Those are 2 easy alternatives to NSAIDs that are going to help you to lower your inflammation levels, lower your pain, and not give you any side effects!

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