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What Does Gluten-Free Mean?


So… What does Gluten-Free mean?

Gluten-free diets are buzzing right now! A lot of people are jumping on it and everyone thinks that they have a gluten sensitivity. There is a percentage of us that do have this sensitivity (but a LOT less than we think).

What is Gluten?

Gluten is the “glue” type substance that is holding proteins together inside grains (specifically wheat). We have lots of wheat in America and when too much of this sticky substance gets into your system, it irritates the insides of your digestive system, throws off hormones (like your thyroid) and is a disrupter for a lot of people.

But…I Thought Wheat Was Healthy !?!

Over 80% of our wheat in this country is genetically modified and toxic. When you put something that has its DNA changed inside your body – your DNA becomes genetically modified! This form of this protein is undigestible by about 1% of the population – so it’s possible that you have an actual sensitivity to it, but more and more people are cutting out gluten altogether.

Be Careful With Gluten Replacements

Gluten can be found primarily in wheat, bran or oats – it’s also hidden in things you’ll find in your pantry like soy sauce, ketchup, salad dressing and anything that’s code worded with:

  • Maltodextrin
  • Dextrin
  • Autolized
  • Hydrolized

These are the names that will be used if manufacturers are hiding gluten inside your products. So be careful if you are going gluten-free and check your ingredients!

Go Grain-Free Instead

If you are going gluten-free, don’t replace it was something else that will negatively impact your body. A gluten-free cookie is still a cookie! Using a different oil or flour to fry your chicken is still fried chicken! Instead, try being more “grain” free. Going grain free will not only exclude gluten from your diet but you also won’t be replacing it with some other type of grain that will spike your blood sugar levels & put you into fat-storing mode!

Reducing gluten is good, just do it by reducing the amount of grain you’re eating (especially wheat). Watch for GMO’s and hidden sources of toxins that are in the popular gluten-free foods on the market & focus on clean fruits, vegetables & meats.

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