Gall Bladder Issues (3 Ways to Protect It)

What can you do about your gall bladder issues and avoid surgically removing your gall bladder altogether? Your gall bladder serves a purpose and helps break down fats, so here are a couple things you can do to protect it:

Gall Bladder Flush

A 24 to 48-hour gall bladder flush will help stimulate, lubricate and contract the gall bladder (warning: it’s a little intense!). Olive oil is used for to contracting and lubricating and Epsom salts will help break down gall stones and flush them out of the body.

Gut Reset

The Gut Reset protocol addresses the entire digestive system. It’s a 21-day, 6-step process to get the whole system functioning properly

Nervous System

Address the nerves going to your gallbladder. Having your nervous system checked will help you get the root of the problem instead of simply addressing symptoms.