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Itchy Skin And Rashes (4 Quick Fixes)


Helpful Suggestions For Itchy Skin

Conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, rash, and dry & itchy skin can be very frustrating. Whether you are dealing with a rash that is systemic and all over or more isolated areas such as elbows or hands, I want to offer some helpful suggestions.  This is not the research article for what these conditions are and why, but more real health solutions that are simple steps to offer you relief without using toxins such as medications. Here are 4 solutions to try for your skin frustrations.

1. Epsom Salt Bath
Simply follow directions on the Epsom salt to take a bath in it. It will draw out any kind of itchiness and systemic skin problems that you might be having or isolated skin issues you might be having. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a good way to pull things out of the system and receive quick relief.

2. Omegas
To help to reduce the inflammation in the body, take at least 2400 milligrams of clean, good-quality omegas. You can check out this video on what that means if you need.

3. Coconut Oil
This can be really good for those itchy, irritated areas of the skin and is also antimicrobial so it helps keep areas clean and  stops any growth.

4. Gut Reset
Often times, especially if something is recurring, a skin issue can be due to a toxic gut. Your body has become so toxic that the system is trying to push something out of your body and often times a “leaky gut” condition is the culprit and can help to stop any skin issues. See our Gut Reset Program to help get you on the right path of healing. 

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