Benefits of red yeast rice

Red Yeast Rice [Benefits for Cholesterol]

Looking for a better way to lower your high cholesterol without resorting to harmful statin drugs? Check out Red Yeast Rice as a natural solution!

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Benefits [+ Action Steps]

Inflammation impacts 98% of all disease, so let's take a moment to dive into the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet and how you can implement it today!

Heart Healthy Superfoods [+ 5 Key Supplements]

Today we're sitting down with Dr. Greg Barnes to discuss the heart-healthy superfoods and supplements that most benefit our heart and what we need to avoid.

How To Remove Toxins From Water [The 3 P’s]

Do we really need to filter your drinking water? Let's discuss how to remove toxins from water and improve it's quality with 3 easy tips.

How To Fix Bad Nutrition [3 Keys]

These are the 3 Keys that everyone needs to know when it comes to attempting to fix bad nutrition. Learn the 15 foods that you should always buy organic.

How To Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally

When it comes to sugar, studies have shown that it's more addictive to your brain than a drug like cocaine is! What happens with addiction is you end up needing more and more in order to get that same dopamine release and marketing companies are taking advantage of you and hiding sugar in everything!

What Does Gluten-Free Mean?

The truth about what "gluten-free" really means. Find out if this diet is really good for you!

[Vitamin D3 vs D2] The Truth About Vitamin D

If you're not getting enough vitamin D right now, you are massively missing out! Here's what you need to know.

[3 Alternatives] Healthy Alternatives to SUGAR!

If you know how bad sugar is for you, but you just can't give up that sweet tooth - try these instead!

How Bad Is McDonald’s For You?

This happy meal was purchased back in 2014 - and basically looks exactly the same today!

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