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Try a Calcium-Rich Diet


Calcium supplements are being grossly overused today. Specifically, if you’re female and worried about osteoporosis, you may be popping calcium supplements to avoid that since that’s what we’ve been told. Research from the British Medical Journal has actually found:

  • Daily calcium supplementation increases the risk of a heart attack in post-menopausal women
  • There is a 17x greater risk of heart attack if you take a statin drug along with a calcium supplement
  • Lack of research supporting a calcium supplement for reducing the risk of fractures
  • Dietary sources of calcium (greens) are more favorable than supplement form
  • Increased risk of kidney stones and prostate cancer if too much calcium is taken

So, calcium supplements could be causing more damage than benefit… Especially if it’s NOT being taken with Vitamin D and Vitamin K. Without them, calcium will get driven into the arteries and calcify them! The best place to get the proper amount of calcium in our diet is through eating greens. Getting greens into your diet, studies are showing, is more favorable than popping a calcium supplement.

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