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The 3 Best Types Of Exercise For Your Heart…

What is the right plan for you to strengthen your heart? What should you be doing to strengthen the heart, what is the best form to optimize your heart health the fastest, and what does it have to do with exercise?

I’m going to break down the 3 main types of exercise that I think you should strongly consider doing based on research.

Not only will this strengthen your heart, but it will optimize your weight loss, support normal blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and help you start looking and feeling good!

The 3 Ws of Exercise

Workout (High Intensity)

This workout is a regimen that has to be put in on a weekly basis. This means that at least 5 days a week, you’re doing a full workout that will get your heart rate up as high as you can for a short period of time.

If you’re doing basic cardio, that does have benefits for the heart.

However, a high-intensity workout has a big impact on your heart health because you’re driving your heart rate up to 90% of its max.

This means you’re breathing hard, which will burn fat and strengthen your heart muscle.

If you’re wondering if this is safe, there was a study done with over 1,000 people that showed that it was.

They were put through moderate-level activity and high-intensity activity, and the risk of a heart attack was exactly the same in both groups.

If you have worries about your heart rate when doing this exercise, contact a health physician beforehand.

When you get your heart rate up for a short amount of time, you are tapping into heart-healthy hormones.

Lots of blood is being pushed around your body, which reduces your risk of having a stroke.

Best of all, high-intensity workouts only take 10 minutes a day.

If you want to learn more about this, try following this free workout. I recommend doing these 5-6 days a week.


Doing less than an hour of weightlifting per week has been shown to reduce heart attacks and strokes by 40-70%.

The older we get, the less weight training we do, which is bad because it’s also fantastic for the bones and muscles.

While you’re doing one of my 10-minute workouts, you can add in some weights.

You’re still doing shorter high-intensity workouts, but just adding in curls, shoulder presses, or squats with weights.

You want to add 5-30 pound (depending on your current strength) dumbbells to your regimen to add in weightlifting, but you could also do bench presses or something more intense.

Don’t be scared to add some weightlifting to your heart health regimen, because your heart loves it.


Now, we’re not adding in walking for the cardio or muscle-strengthening effect, because that’s what the workout and weights are for.

The walking aspect is more for your mind, and what I would suggest is just going for a walk in nature 1-2 times a week.

Focus on breathing and gratitude when you’re walking—we have videos on both of those you can check out if you need help with it.

This has been shown to significantly reduce your stress levels.

If you’re taking stress off your heart, your heart will love it, and you can use exercise to raise your cortisol levels.


To recap, the 3 Ws you should be focusing on if you want to take care of your heart are:

  • Workout (High-Intensity)
  • Weights
  • Walking

This is how you can have a strong heart. So which one is your favorite, and more importantly, which one can you improve on?

You should always be thinking of what the next step is to get better and start experiencing real health.

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