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Why You’re Always Anxious (And What Can Help!)

We live in a world with a lot to be anxious about. Whether personal, financial, or health-related; sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong.

Finding peace can be an uphill battle, especially when mental health seems to challenge you at every turn.

But, calming those racing thoughts is possible! It just takes harnessing the power of the present.

Understanding the Roots of Our Emotional Struggles

First, let’s address a common issue: depression. It’s a heavy word, isn’t it? Depression often stems from the stress of our past — the weight of yesterday’s worries and regrets.

Now, this is not to say looking back is always harmful. Sometimes, it’s crucial to glance back just to realize how far we’ve come. However, when the past becomes a burden, it can hinder our ability to live fully in the present.

On the other hand: anxiety is a concern for the future. It’s the stress about what’s to come — the financial downturns, personal milestones, global events… the list goes on. This constant worry about future events, most of which are beyond our control, robs us of our peace.

The Consequences Of Emotional Dysregulation

It’s not just our mood that suffers, either!

Those with high anxiety and depression have been found to have higher rates of sleep disruptions, problems with blood pressure, and other health irregularities that only contribute to adding more stress. Even our cholesterol can suffer from high levels of anxiety.

Finding Peace in the Present

It all comes down to one simple yet profound truth: Peace is found in the present.

The present moment is all we truly have. It’s in this moment that we can find closure from past regrets and security from future threats. Everything we desire — our dreams, aspirations, and goals — are encapsulated in the ‘now’.

The Power of Presence

Consider the invention of the light bulb. Electricity was always there, even before its discovery. It just took someone being fully present in the moment to harness this unseen force.

Really, that mentality applies to everything in our life. It’s why we often overlook the opportunities and potentials that surround us daily.

Think about the great innovators like Jeff Bezos with Amazon or the Wright brothers with their first flight. They were fully present, attuned to the opportunities of their time. They saw what others missed. The question then arises: What are we missing in our lives by not being fully present?

Balancing Past, Present, and Future

It’s natural to plan for the future and cherish memories of the past. These are integral parts of our lives. However, the issue arises when we spend too much time dwelling on what was or worrying about what might be. We miss out on the essence of living when our focus is not balanced.

What You Can Do Today

Every day is a gift: and it’s what we choose to do with each one that determines how we feel. Are we going to waste it, worry it away; or discover and focus on the opportunities that are right in front of us?

Even if we’ve found a thousand ways that don’t work (like Edison with his light bulb), today just might be the day when everything clicks.

So, as I always say, go make it a great day. You might as well, because you’ll never get it back!

Focus on what’s in front of you, draw the goodness into your life, and embrace the power of now. Remember, the universe is ready to provide, but it requires the right mindset from us.

Let’s stop worrying about the past and the uncertain future, and start living in the moment!

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